Do wool dryer balls work?

Wool dryer balls work in a similar manner to dryer sheets, they work in your dryer to get your clothes drier faster and soften your clothes. The main differences between the two is that you can reuse your wool dryer balls again and again, but you can only use dryer sheets once. In this way, using wool dryer balls help reduce your waste.

Another difference is that wool dryer balls do not contain the oftentimes harmful chemicals that dryer sheets contain, that can be toxic or irritating to the skin, especially after many uses.

Wool dryer balls work to absorb the heat from your dryer and release it to your clothes, thereby reducing the amount of time you have to have your dryer on, saving you money and reducing the emissions you are responsible for by reducing the time you run your appliances. Wool dryer balls also act to make your clothes softer through the drying cycle by bumping into them and agitating the fibers in the cloth.

Wool dryer balls are also better than other dryer balls that are made of vinyl or rubber, because at the end of their life they are biodegradable and will not contribute to waste sent to landfills or our oceans.

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