About us

Narwhals help track how climate change is affecting the oceans by remotely sending temperature data to scientists around the world! (See article).

Like the narwhal, we at TheNobleNarwhal also strive to do our best to protect the environment. TheNobleNarwhal is a California-based e-commerce website dedicated to providing eco-friendly products to consumers at an affordable price.

Our company was started by Amgad Ellaboudy, an oceanographer and professor of Earth Sciences. Amgad started the company because he wanted to give environmentally-conscious consumers a more affordable and practical way of taking care of our planet, and at the same time educate people about why going zero waste is important and how you can make the biggest impact, by breaking down the environmental impact of our everyday decisions (Check out our blog!).

Your purchase will TheNobleNarwhal will help free the oceans from single-use plastic and other harmful substances, and help narwhals and other marine creatures thrive. Our current product offering focuses on the top 4 plastic polluters of the ocean: plastic bags, plastic food containers and wrappers, plastic straws, and plastic bottles. We only select the highest quality products, at the lowest possible price, saving you money and helping you move into a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle with every purchase.

We also donate 10% of our profits to the 5 Gyres Institute, which is engaged in researching plastic pollution in our oceans and bringing about systemic change for our environment. Your purchase will not only help remove plastic waste from our environment, but will also help advance plastic pollution research and create a safer environment.

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